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I would rather have not spent so much time trying to get this to work. You will need to download bird packs for those but it only takes a few seconds to download. I use this app constantly.

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It's great to be able to look nearby, or at a specific hotspot, to see what species have been spotted by others. I generally set my app to pull species seen in the last two weeks, near where I am. In the field, I live being able to take a quick look at the pictures of males, females, juvies, regular and alternate plumage, etc, etc. As a new birder, this is a big help. I can easily rotate between Birds Eye and Ebird to prepare my sighting reports right in the field.

Then I can look up any species I couldn't ID, at home, in one or more field guides. My routine will probably change as I gain experience, but I'm happy with it now, and it definitely depends on Birds Eye. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description BirdsEye is a unique and powerful tool that helps you discover the birds around you and find the birds you want to see.

Your pocket birding companion!

Good news, we've fixed some bugs just in time for your holiday birding! Ratings are reset in the App Store after each update. If you feel generous or have a couple of minutes, please take some time to leave a rating and review on the App Store. Thank you in advance! Just stepped off the plane in Sydney, Australia and want to identify that blue and white swallow? A couple taps and you'll know that you are looking at a Welcome Swallow!

Smart Search is targeted to the traveling birder and new birders, helping you quickly learn the birds wherever you are in the world. Not happy with one of the Smart Search results?

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Just swipe left over the entry and click the Feedback button to let us know! We want to make sure you can always access the data you need no matter where you are! Great for trip planning! Lots of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements to make the app more stable.

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Reviews and ratings get reset for each release. If you are feeling generous, please leave a review. Have a question, concern, or suggestion? Get in touch with support at support getbirdseye. We are excited to introduce a brand new model for BirdsEye. Going forward BirdsEye will offer basic functionality for free so everyone can see the most common species around them. Advanced features will be offered through in-app purchases. We appreciate those of you who have been supported us over the years. Existing BirdsEye users will not have to pay more to continue getting the great features you are used to.

Plus this upgrade will be bringing you some new features like searching by month and more favorite locations. If you have questions or are unsure about whether you're getting full access, please contact customer support for help.

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Browse all Species is now 'Region Lists', and lets you filter the lists to show just those species that are included in any specific product in our store. Browse just the list of species in your Bird Sounds of Venezuela collection, or limit it to exploring birds found in North America. On the Browse by Location screen there is now a search icon in the upper right.

Tap that and you can search for cities, parks, rivers and more. You can even narrow the search down to just your state or country for more accurate results. Use this to create a favorite for your spring trip to Magee Marsh, or your summer vacation to Paris, and you will know exactly what to expect before you even get there.

If you already own other regional versions, all you need to do is log in to each. That tells our server that you own it. The next time you log in to BirdsEye it will recognize that you own those other regions and make all of those species available through BirdsEye. We think it's pretty cool to have access to all of your birds in one place! It's about time, right?

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Great views of the entire beach and mountain area. I would rather have not spent so much time trying to get this to work. Definition of bird's-eye view. We loved the stairs to the beach and great family spaces in and on the decks. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

If you don't own any content for one of the species, we'll show you which packages will expand your coverage. You can search for birds by name or by 4-letter code. Typing "rtha" is a lot easier and faster than typing "Red-tailed Hawk"! Also a great way to see what rarities have shown up in the past and what to look out for! Now you can select any month or combination of months to use when looking at a list of birds.

Use it for planning a trip to Peru next winter, or your trip to California next week. Many other tweaks, including speeding up the performance of life lists, and more. Positive reviews directly affect our rankings and our ability to keep improving BirdsEye. Our team consists entirely of volunteer and low-paid bird fanatics. We need and appreciate your support to keep this app live! This is particularly useful in areas with sparse eBird data. For the first release of the Current Month feature, it will be available for members only.

Purchasing these packages will give you access to these extensive collections of bird songs from right inside of BirdsEye. You will also be able to access BirdsEye content for those species, including text and images. Download for Offline is available for all users from the Settings screen. Change Bird List to select any region in the world.

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We hope you are finding some great birds with the app. Let us know how we are doing at support getbirdseye. This is a major rewrite of BirdsEye. There are many features we hope you love, but first a drawback to be aware of: Your BirdsEye life list will be reset. This new build includes the main features of the original BirdsEye, plus a whole lot more! New or improved features include: We are thrilled to bring this to our original BirdsEye users for no upgrade cost. Please consider becoming a BirdsEye member, which for a small monthly payment will enable us to continue to develop cutting edge apps for birders, and will also give you full access to some of the premium features of BirdsEye.

Significant upgrade, with much more data richness and details: Enhanced data updating on all devices.

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Like an expert to guide you, no matter where you are. Get directions to birding hotspots.

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Birds Eye is an American international brand of frozen foods owned by Pinnacle Foods, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA and by Nomad Foods in . It's good to eat vegetables, so we make vegetables good to eat.

Read bird finding tips by top birders. See closest sightings of any species on a map. Photos cover many of the most common plumages. View the full library of BirdsEye images. Check out our Team.

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Our mission is to promote citizen science projects, and make data more accessible. What others say about us. Diana Doyle Tech Reviewer: North America Membership From: South America Membership From: